Brian Williams Misremember Things…But Is Also Bad At Math

Many of you may remember that Brian Williams apologized in 2015 for "misremembering" an experience during 2003 in Iraq. The former NBC Nightly news anchor stated that the helicopter he was in while in Iraq was shot down. However, that was found not to be the case. He apologized for his "false memories" and blamed it on a conflation of events.


Well people, Brian Williams is now back with more tomfoolery.

So on the 3rd of March, a Twitter user by the name Mekita Rivas tweeted out the following tweet:

mekita rivas bloomberg tweet

As you can already tell, Mekita Rivas is no math professor. She is actually a journalist for Glamour, Refinery29, and The Washington Post.

So $500 million would not give every American anywhere close to $1 million. It would actually give every American $1.53. Not even enough for a Happy Meal.

To give everyone in America $1 million, Bloomberg would actually need $327 trillion. 

But instead of doing some basic math on her phone, Rivas decides to double down after people told her she was wrong.

Then on the 11th Hour, Brian Williams interviewed NY Times editorial board member Mara Gay and put the tweet up for all to see. Neither of their bullsh*t meters went off because...

as Brian Williams puts it...

It is an incredible way of putting it

and as Mara Gay puts it...

It's an incredible way of putting it. It's true. It's disturbing.

Anyway, here is the video to watch for yourself.

Everything on the internet lives forever. So if you're going to make your living on the internet, make the material you put out stands up to scrutiny.

Update: And as expected, a popular news outlet cires racism for the constant mockery. The op-ed is written by Mara Gay herself.

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