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Narcissism of Small Differences

This is a concept first postulated by Sigmund Freud in 1917 and popularized by Christopher Hitchens in his National Post article. 

The crux of the thesis states that communities and people who live close to one another are likely to engage in conflict over minor differences, rather than any large disagreements. In his 2010 article, Christopher Hitchens used the thesis as a framework to discuss ethno-national conflict, such as the conflict between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan.

The concept was talked about in episode 61 of the Making Sense podcast featuring Lawrence Wright.

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Robert Nozick On The Relationship Between Parents and Children

The late and great philosopher Robert Nozick published The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations in 1989.  The book is full great philosophical meditations and took four years to write. The chapter that resonated most with me is the chapter titled Parents and Children. In the chapter, Nozick lamented on the relationship between the two. The part that really hit home for me was when he wrote about the changing dynamic of the relationship when children grow older. I’ve always intuitively known what he wrote but was never able to put into words nearly as well as Nozick did. He wrote the following:

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