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Fareed Zakaria Compares Current State Of American Politics To Sunnis and Shiites

In episode 83 of Sam Harris' Making Sense (formerly Waking Up) podcast, Fareed Zakaria makes a good analogy between today's polarizing politics of America to that of Sunnis and Shiites. Of course he did not mean it literally. He means to say that our politics today is based on which side we identify with, rather than deriving our stances on issues based on reason and debate. He made this point after he said how he thought Trump's plan to privatize the FAA might be a good idea, but it was dead on arrival with Democrats solely because it was Trump who proposed it. The timestamp I pulled this from is between the 20 to 23 minute mark of the episode.

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Thomas Sowell On Immigrants from Asia

A quote from Thomas Sowell, from chapter 12 of his book Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Immigrants from Asia to various countries around the world have been prominent from groups that have risen from poverty to prosperity, often in the face of racial discrimination. One of the remarkable things about people from China and India has long been that they have prospered in countries around the world, except in their own homelands. Even with all due allowance for selective migration, the immigrants including more than their share of able and ambitious people, there has still been a striking contrast in [income]

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Sam Harris on What Religion Is

Sam Harris, on his podcast with Jordan B Peterson (episode 67) specifically defined what religion is to him around the 55 minute mark.

Now this is probably not his most precise definition as it is defined during a oral conversation with Jordan Peterson in an attempt to define what religion is in a more narrow pathway. But, to me, it seems like a good standard to see what is defined as a religion to Sam Harris.

Religion becomes religion for me when you begin to assert that certain things are true, specifically otherworldly things—the survival of the conscious mind after death, or the real existence of invisible agents which you can propitiate or fail to propitiate, and who have their eye on you, right, they care how you live, they care whether you masturbate, they care whether you pray to them or in what terms you do. And if you get any of that stuff wrong, you will suffer for it. You are in relationship to these things. There are some people who have relaxed their standards of commitment to revealed religion so much that they don’t really answer to that description, but most religious people most of the time, certainly most Christians and Muslims believe otherworldly and supernatural and superstitious things, which are, I would argue, in direct contradiction to reasonable things they might believe about how the cosmos works.


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