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Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and philosopher who is especially known as one of the Four Horsemen of Atheism. While he considers himself a liberal and a progressive on many social issues, he has many many enemies on the left due to some of his stances.

Notable Beefs

Ezra Klein

Omer Aziz


Glenn Greenwald

Reza Aslan

Nassim Nicolas Taleb

Talib Kweli

Podcasts Sam Harris is Featured On

The Tim Ferriss Show Episode 14, 87

The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 192, 410, 641, 804, 940, 1107

10% Happier Podcast Episode 71

Very Bad Wizards Episode 59, 63, 75, 92

The Art of Charm Episode 514

Secular Talk Episode Sam Harris On Progressivism, Torture, Religion, and Foreign Policy

Armchair Expert with Sam Harris

Sam Harris Quotes

Boredom is just a lack of attention (Waking Up Podcast episode 142, ~54:20)

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