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Thomas Sowell is a right-leaning economist and current senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, a think tank and research institution located at Stanford University. He has written over 30 books since the 1970s that are publicly available for purchase, making him the most prolific writer out of current intellectuals. Although he is an economist by trade, his books cover a wide variety of topics including race relations, intelligence, politics, etc. 

Popular Books Written By Thomas Sowell

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Basic Economics: A Citizen's Guide to the Economy


Economic Facts and Fallacies


The Housing Boom and Bust


Intellectuals and Race


Late-Talking Children


For a full list of Thomas Sowell's books with a summary and ratings from both Amazon and Good Reads, please go here.

Facts and Tidbits About Sowell

-Thomas Sowell dropped out of high school to join the Marines during the Korean War.

-Sowell once tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers

-He spent much of his 20s as a Marxist (see his rationale in this Hoover Institution video)

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