Sam Harris Podcast Ep 84 Books, People, Articles, Etc Mentioned

In episode 84 of the Waking Up/Making Sense Podcast, Sam Harris talks with Kevin Kelly about the future of artificial intelligence. 


The two talk about the various ways artificial intelligence can come about, the ethics and morality of treating and bringing about artificial intelligence, and consciousness of AI.

Kevin Kelly is the founding editor of Wired Magazine

People Mentioned

Stuart Russell

Max Tegmark

Elon Musk

Paul Bloom

Julian Dibbell

Stewart Brand

Links and Articles Mentioned

Julian Dibbell - A Rape In Cyberspace

Kevin Kelly - The End Of Video As Evidence of Anything

Cool Tools - Kevin Kelly's site reviewing cool gadgets

Books Mentioned in The Episode

Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom

What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly

Out of Control by Kevin Kelly

New Rules for the New Economy by Kevin Kelly

Cool Tools by Kevin Kelly

The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly

Other Media Mentioned

Talk featuring Elon Musk, Max Tegmark, Sam Harris and others on the future of AI

Humans - A show set in a the present but parallel world where life-like robots called Synths are now a must-have itme for any household.

Westworld - A show about a futuristic theme park filled with lifelike robots as characters.

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